• Sanitary grade uf membrane filtration elements
  • Industrial grade nanofiltration membrane elements
  • Standard or fully customized reverse osmosis (RO) systems for filtration

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Synder Filtration is a U.S. based, privately held membrane and system manufacturer dedicated to creating value through membrane technology. Synder can deliver custom systems and membrane elements to meet your specific application needs, and also provide exceptionally fast ship times for regular membrane replacements.

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Nanofiltration and Ultrafiltration Membranes

Synder Filtration manufactures spiral wound ultrafiltration (UF) membranes, nanofiltration (NF) membranes, and flat sheet NF and UF membranes. Synder has developed the widest range of ultrafiltration membrane pore sizes of any polymeric membrane manufacturer. Applications of these membranes include: protein concentration, protein separation, protein fractionation, and many other sanitary and industrial purposes. In addition, Synder’s NFXTM and NFWTM nanofiltration membranes typically offer greater flux and/or rejection than the leading competitors. Standard or fully-customized ultrafiltration and nanofiltration systems can also be built to order with unparalleled speed.

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Manufacturing the widest range of UF membranes of any company in the world and offering a NF membrane with unmatched flux and rejection, Synder is a leading supplier to the dairy industry worldwide.

Food & Beverage

Filtration Membranes for the food and beverage industry

Synder’s membranes and systems are constantly being applied to new applications in the food and beverage industries. Click to find out how we can serve you.



Synder is a one-stop shop for the electrocoating and plating industries. With the largest sales, engineering, and service staff of any membrane supplier in North America, we’re ready to support you .

Biotech & Pharma

Biotech and Pharmaceuticals

As a company that formerly specialized in Industrial Enzyme Technology, Synder’s engineers offer a unique background for support in applying membrane technology to these applications.

Pulp & Paper

Pulp and Paper

We are consistently helping pulp and paper companies decrease their ecological footprint and optimize their operations. Contact us to start working towards a solution with membrane technology.



Our technology is helping the textile industry recover and reuse some of its most valuable resources. Matched with an increased ability to meet regulatory standards, Synder is ready to help you optimize your operations.



The mining industry consistently faces the challenge of processing large quantities of highly variable wastewater. Synder offers technology well suited for both reuse as well as recovery of valuable metals.

Oil, Gas, Bioethanol

oil gas ethanol

Manufacturing membranes and systems of the quality and value demanded by the oil, gas and bioethanol industries, Synder’s technology can help process water for multiple applications at a low operating cost.

Power Generation

power generation

Synder is on the front lines of innovation in the power generation industry. Offering technology to treat both cooling tower blow down as well as boiler feed water, Synder is committed reducing natural resource consumption across this industry.