Synder Story

Our Philosophy

At Synder Filtration, we seek to foster and maintain an uncommon relationship with our customers. As an international membrane and system manufacturer, we feel customers shouldn't tolerate anything less than the most personalized service and consistent product quality possible.  It is for these reasons that Synder Filtration is defined by the following:

 Membranes That Perform and People That Deliver

 As a privately held, family business, Synder Filtration has provided thousands of customers in numerous industries with quality membrane technology, technical expertise, and the personal collaboration you should expect from a membrane supplier.  If this sounds like the interaction you want to have with your membrane technology supplier, give us a call today.  

Once A Buyer, Now a Supplier

Synder Filtration has a unique understanding of the needs and demands in the membrane technology industry from its history as both a buyer and supplier.  Established in 1989, Synder Inc. specialized in Industrial Enzyme Technology, but the founders were constantly frustrated with the poor service, high price, and inconsistent product quality of their membrane suppliers.  These frustrations eventually led to the sale of several successful joint ventures and the establishment of Synder Filtration in 1994, a wholly owned membrane manufacturer in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.  Synder was refounded with simple goals: provide customers with reliable products and provide the kind of customer service demanded by the founders themselves.   

Thousands of customers and projects later, we're still the same company.   

Synder HQ 1989-2004
Synder HQ 2004-Present

Growth & Expansion

Despite steady growth into a variety of industries throughout the world, Synder has not lost sight of its roots in quality and service.  Our diverse and evolving product lines not only aim to satisfy our customer's specific needs, but improve their overall efficiency in operations.  Synder's products consistently improve productivity while reducing energy and natural resource consumption through the use of membrane technology.  Synder has balanced the demands for this expansion by establishing distribution and service networks at strategic locations across the globe.  It is this global infrastructure matched with an unyielding commitment to product quality and development that has earned Synder Filtration its reputation around the world.  We urge you to put that reputation to the test. 

The company continues to be completely privately held and committed to using membrane technology to find solutions to the world's most pressing industrial and environmental challenges.