Gibberellins (Pharmaceutical)

Structure of Gibberellins 

NFX Nanofiltration Membrane
Gibberellins (GA3) are the plant hormones that can be used to stimulate plant growth by influencing various developmental processes such as stem elongation, germination, and dormancy.  The application of these hormones has led to significant increases in the yields of rice, wheat, corn, vegetable, and fruit harvests.  An efficient and reliable method for concentrating gibberellins is vital for pharmaceutical companies manufacturing these hormones.

Feed Solution, Membrane, Operating Conditions  

Feed Solution  
Material  Gibberellins, GA3 (C19H22O6)
Molecular Weight (Da)  346.37
Manufacturer   Jiangsu Fengyuan Bioengineering Co.,Ltd.
Element  NFX-Spiral Element
Number of Elements   20
Membrane  Polyamide-TFC
Operating Conditions  
Element Inlet Pressure (PSI)  174-181
Pressure Drop per Element (PSI)  3-5
Pilot Unit Used During The Study

Test Results  & Conclusions
The NFX membrane exhibited a 99% rejection of GA3 over the course of the 200 minute trial. The ultimate concentration factor ranged from 2.1-2.5 with an average permeate flux of 15 GFD. With this combination of rejection and flux, the NFX Nanofiltration offers excellent overall performance in this application.

Experiment Duration (min)  200
Overall rejection  99%
Concentrate Volume (Gal)  8,453-9,774
Average Permeate Flux (GFD)  15