Glutathione (Pharmaceutical)

Molecular Structure of GSH

NFX Nanofiltration Membrane 
Glutathione [GSH, C10H17N3O6S] is a tri-peptide which acts as an antioxidant to help protect cells from reactive oxygen molecules like free radicals and peroxides. Commonly used in health supplements, consistency in purity and concentration are of the utmost importance.  Given that membrane technology is an established  method for pharmaceutical production, our NFX membrane was tested for performance in this application.  

Feed Solution, Membrane, Operating Conditions 

Feed Solution  
Material  GSH (Glutathione)
Molecular Weight (Da)  307.33
Element  NFX‐Spiral Element
Membrane  Polyamide-TFC
Permeate Flux (GFD)  13
Rejections (%)  99

Test Results & Conclusions
Despite GSH’s low molecular weight of 307 Da, Synder’s NFX Nanofiltration membrane was retained and concentrated with incredible efficiency.  Displaying a rejection rate of 99%, the membrane boasted an average flux rate of 13 GFD.  Such performance suggests that the NFX is an excellent choice for efficient and cost effective concentration of GSH and other small, water-soluable molecules.