Dairy – Whey Protein Concentration

Protein concentration for cheese productionWith the world’s dairy industry being an integral part of the global economy and food supply chain, Synder Filtration is proud to be one of the top suppliers of membrane technology to this great industry.  For nearly a quarter century, we’ve forged countless partnerships with dairies around the world, while providing reliable technology and personal customer service.  Our commitment to the dairy industry manifests in our line of ultrafiltration membranes, which has become the most extensive in the world.  Constantly catering to the specific needs of our customers, we’ve developed new membrane formulations specifically for our individual customers’ needs.

Whey Protein Concentration & Isolation (WPC/WPI)
Synder’s polymeric spiral-wound Ultrafiltration membranes are the standard in production of Whey Protein Concentrates & Whey Protein Isolates from cheese whey. VT, MT, & ST Ultrafiltration membranes provide an optimal balance of flux, protein separation, and membrane life when concentrating whey proteins. Synder is proud to be a preferred membrane supplier and partner to hundreds of dairy processors worldwide. 

Milk Protein Concentration & Isolation
Originally developed in 1999, Synder’s MK, UF membrane was specifically designed for concentrating milk proteins from skim milk.  Today, the MK 30 KD membrane is used globally in this application for its excellent performance. 

Protein Fractionation & Separation
Whey & casein protein separation is a highly valuable process in the dairy industry. Synder’s FR, & V0.1 UF/MF membranes provide the most economically feasible solution for fractionation of casein and whey proteins.

Fat/Microbial Removal 
Standardization is an important process in the production of milk. Current methods for fat removal use centrifugal separators to remove the majority of milk fat. Synder’s MF membranes, like the FR, V0.1 & V0.2, can be used as the final fat and microbial removal stage in producing high quality WPC & WPIs. These UF systems operate at a much lower pressure and are typically less expensive to build and operate compared to traditional ceramic membrane systems. 

Lactose Concentration 
The NFX Nanofiltration membrane offers an average MgSO4 rejection of 99% vs. traditional NF membranes that only promise 98% rejection. The result is tremendous retention of lactose with equal or greater flux rates making the NFX membrane ideal for lactose protein concentration.

Brine Clarification 
Instead of disposing of the brine solution generated during the curing of cheese, which can be costly, Ultrafiltration can clarify the brine solution and allow it to be reused. Synder’s BN membrane can clarify brine solutions and provide an ion balance that allows the cheese to cure at its optimum rate. 

High pH & Temperature Feed Solutions
Synder Filtration provides high pH / high temperature “PHT” construction for all Ultrafiltration and Microfiltrationmembrane pore sizes. PHT membranes can be sanitized without chlorine, which can extend membrane and equipment life.