With an unprecedented demand on the Earth’s natural resources and precious metals, the world’s mining industry is being called upon to produce greater yields with a smaller ecological footprint.  Synder Filtration is committed to aiding this effort by supplying premium quality membrane technology.  Synder’s membranes and systems cannot only process the large amount of waste water typically produced by mining operations, but recover significant amounts of precious metals that would be otherwise lost. 


Precious Metal Recovery
In the mining of precious metals, maximizing yields is the name of the game.  Synder’s NFX Nanofiltration membrane can be used to achieve optimum recovery of precious metals in wastewater feed streams. The low operating costs combined with the high effluent quality produced for reuse make the NFX the ideal choice for both precious metal recovery and wastewater treatment.

Mining Wastewater Treatment 
Mining operations inherently product large amounts of wastewater in their day-to-day operations.  However, the water typically contains large amounts of suspended solids, which makes conventional treatment with membrane technology very difficult.  However, Synder’s iSep UF system is specifically designed to not only process feed streams with large quantities of suspended solids, but produce an effluent quality ready for reuse for NF treatment.